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WilliamStatesboro, GA

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Reviewed Nov. 22, 2022

They're good people and we get no hassle whenever I have a claim. I had a claim for the radio and Endurance took care of it. They're the real deal. I have already got four of my family members signed up with them.

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Hi, William. We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review and are so glad we could provide you with coverage for your radio. We’re here for you anytime. Thank you!

- The Endurance Team

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JeffreyColumbia, SC

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2023

I had a bad experience just now with Endurance. We were having issues with the car, but I had it fixed and I took it to the shop. When I got it fixed, I took it to a road trip. When I came back from Florida three weeks later, when I drove to work, the car’s screen popped up saying service is due. Something popped up saying, “Please pull over or turn the car.” It was reading something on the screen. So, I parked it on the side of the community center at my job, and I left it there. It was making a loud noise. It would hesitate to go like it was losing engine pressure.

I had it sent to the dealership, and they said that the manifold slid out and they were going through all other stuff, saying they need to be replaced. I said, “They don’t need to be replaced. You don't have to do that.” He was also gonna put the tires on there. I said, “I didn't even ask you for tires.” He added extra stuff on there instead of what I was asking to check. That was what made the price go up that high. It was 11,000. Then after I take that stuff off, I checked and the engine light was on. The car is still saying, “Cut off. Please set the engine off or you may lose control of driving.”

When I first got the warranty, the lady put my information in wrong. When their own claims department called me, the rep was like, “We have the same name but yours is spelled with one F, which is weird.” I said, “No, I spelled with two F's.” He’s like, “Well, whoever did this, they put the information in wrong.” Then it said 89,000 miles on one, then the same day, it said 189. I said she did it wrong and she had to transfer me to a supervisor. That was why I had to pay two different prices. I had to pay the difference with what I paid the first time because she put all the information in wrong.

I was like, “How is that my fault when she put all the information in wrong. Even spelled my name wrong.” That's a gray area right there, and then an Endurance worker put the wrong mileage on it, and she said she can't go back and change it because it was already 30 days old. I had to call CARFAX and do a report. My claim was denied. They said, “If you change your name and put the mileage right, then you can call the claims back and we can get this claim going.” I was like, “I called, and the lady was like, she couldn't do it because the people who I took it to previously on 10-31 put the wrong mileage in, which the lady said she couldn't change it. She apologized because it was 30 days old already, but she said she couldn’t change it and put the right one."

So, it’s jammed up. I was trying to pull up the CARFAX report to change the information on there, but I'm sure she didn't change my name. The rep was supposed to pay close attention when you’re dealing with people’s money. That was a bad experience right there. Still, I already recommended somebody to Endurance and they already have a claim with them.

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Jeffrey, we regret to hear that your experience didn't meet your expectations. Ensuring our customers receive assistance is our utmost priority. Your feedback is valuable, and we're eager to address the concerns you have.

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The Endurance Team

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KeyyshavCleveland, OH

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2023

I was looking for a third-party warranty for my car and I went and researched a little bit on Google. It was a little expensive compared to other warranty companies but they had good reviews. I signed up with them. I filled out a form on the Endurance website and they called me back. They did the first sign-up on the phone. I've called them a couple of times for different things. I talked to customer care a couple of times now about paying the bill and looking at my warranty pamphlet. I just do it on the app on my phone. Once I paid for the coverage, there was a one month waiting period before I could use the warranty and there should be another 1,000 miles from the miles that were on the odometer.

Endurance covers my Jaguar XF 2015. At the time of buying the car, I made a stupid financial decision because Jaguars, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and Volvos are not that famous cars in the US so their parts are hardly available. Not a lot of repair shops fix them. My coverage with Endurance is not bumper-to-bumper but it covers the most important parts that I need such as electrical, engine, fuel system, and suspension. They even cover maintenance.

I actually talked to eight different warranty companies and some of them didn't cover my car because they put my car in a luxury category. Some warranty companies offer very basic coverage. I was looking for a warranty that also provides me maintenance so that my expenses on the car would be close to zero. Fortunately, Endurance was giving that. They also have three oil changes a year, brake pads replacement, and wiper blades replacement. They have all the roadside assistance requirements like battery service and towing service.

I have filed a claim for repairs with Endurance and that successfully got through. It's for the power window regulator that makes the car windows go up and down. There was some fault in it and it stopped working. I took it to a repair shop and they gave me an estimate of $1,300. I gave them my warranty details and the shop called Endurance. They covered everything except my deductible, which is $100. That was pretty cool because I did not expect that repair to be that expensive. If I was paying out of pocket, that would have been too much.

The car is again in repair for some basic stuff. There's gonna be another claim soon. They're just inspecting it right now. The current problem was something related to the EVAP system or the emission system. Every repair shop I took it to was not willing to do anything. The moment they inspected it, they said they could not touch it. I finally ended up taking it to the dealership, which Endurance will cover. Overall, I've had a good experience.

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Response from Endurance Warranty

Keyyshav, we really appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed review! We pride ourselves on operating with integrity to deliver our promise of peace of mind and are so glad we could provide you with coverage for your Jaguar XF!

- The Endurance Team

MichaelMilwaukee, WI

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2023

Endurance Auto Warranty was the only people that called me back and offered me a lower price. I called back because I wasn't willing to pay that amount of money. And there was nothing wrong with the vehicle now. So, if there's nothing wrong with my vehicle, why am I paying something wrong prices? I don't mind paying for it if something’s wrong, but there's nothing wrong when I entered into the contract. So, why were they charging me something? The guycalled me back and said, “We have another option for you.” And that price was much better.

I understand that they offer prices upfront. The first time they called me, they thought I should say yes, because I'm a consumer and consumers consume. If I had said, “Yeah,” I would pay $190 a month. And I said, “No. That's too much.” I drive my truck from Wisconsin to Mississippi all the time with nothing but an oil change. I had other things go wrong. I had to have an alternator. And I didn't know that I was covered for a $600 alternator. Wow. But I had to have it done. So, I did. Stuff like that, I don't mind paying them when I have to pay. So, when I don't have to, stop getting me. It’s like car insurance.

I needed to know how things were covered. I worked on my own vehicle, so I didn't send my vehicle to the shop to have things done. I've done it myself. Physically, I can't work like that anymore. So, if I have a flat, I would call somebody. So, I just needed to know who can do what they say they can do, when can it get done, and what shops I need to go to. And they didn't offer those things that I asked for. And the guy told me those items will be listed in the contract. The whole list of things they sent to my email.

I tried to use the program once. This happened a couple of days ago. I'm having some issues with my vehicle. I called to find out who I should call. They gave me a number to call. But I held on forever. When Endurance knows my name when I call them, I shouldn’t have to call them and give them all these numbers. They know my my Social Security number. They already have those information, those other things about my vehicle. I got to go outside and get those numbers off my vehicle. So, I was not pleased about that. Because if they already have it, why do I have to verify it again? Also, I was not pleased with the information I was given, but the rep was very professional. If I had a question, he answered it. I've told my family they should get Endurance. They're affordable. And that's better than them paying that aftermarket insurance that would only last them for 12 months.

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SherylFarmington, NH

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Reviewed July 9, 2023

I talked with Endurance and I Googled them. I did pros and cons. People said a lot of good things about them. Also, different dealerships use them. The big thing for me was being able to go to the dealer I want to go to. I go to a Chevy dealer and I wanted to make sure that they would still use that and that I wouldn't have an issue. They told me I would not have a problem.

I did something online and a woman called. She quoted me a good price. At that time, I had a little bit more research to do so I was going to call her back after I talked to my husband about it. I called back a day or two later. But when you call back, you don't get the same person that you talked to. I got somebody else. and I almost had to start from scratch. The first woman put all the information in the file and the other woman was able to look it up. That helped. The first woman gave me some discounts and the other woman said, “I'm not quite sure why she discounted that. But since she did put it in there, I will go ahead and give it to you.”

I was eligible for the premium package because of the condition of the vehicle, the year on it, and the mileage. That comes bumper to bumper. There was also roadside assistance. If I get a flat tire, they'll help with that. I have family in Massachusetts and we go down there. Endurance only covers towing. I said, “Well, that's all fine and well. But if I'm in Massachusetts, that tow is not getting back to New Hampshire, or from somewhere else. So therefore, if I have to spend the night or something and I incur expenses, that's not going to make me happy.” They said, if you have to stay somewhere due to that fact, they would cover up to a certain amount of where you have to stay. That was another good thing.

So far, Endurance is wonderful. They weren't a pain. Their rep only called me once. I'm sure Endurance doesn't cover everything 100% but it would be nice if they did. I wish the price was less too but relatively speaking, they are comparable with what else is out there. Having a warranty is very valuable if I have to use it. There was one thing that bothered me. You have to wait 30 days and I can understand the time limit. You don't want somebody to buy the warranty and 10 days later, they say their motor’s gone.

But the thing is you have to put a thousand miles on your vehicle. My biggest pet peeve was we don't drive our vehicles that much. If I put 6,000 miles on my vehicle last year, that would have been a lot. I told the rep, it’d be close to December before I put 1,000 miles on it. She said, “Well, people cheat." I’m like, “I understand that. I can get you a written whatever... I just had the inspection done on the vehicle. I'll send you copies of whatever they had. Or you can get them from the dealership if you want to, that the car is in tip-top shape. That should help clear it up.” I said, “You can see I already have coverage.” I purchased the warranty before my coverage went away because I did not want to be without it.

But they don't have anything like what I suggested, which I understand. The only thing was I wasn't aware of the mileage condition until I talked to the second person. When I talked to the first woman, she forgot to mention that part. She did tell me about the days of waiting but not the mileage on the vehicle. That aside, I got free oil changes and stuff when I first got the warranty. I had four and I got to use one. After two years, they're no good anymore. I only go in for an oil change once a year. Even by then, I haven't met the mileage. With the synthetic stuff, you get 5,000 or 6,000 miles or whatever. My husband and I are both retired and we don't go anywhere. I can go take a road trip and I can be 200 miles away from my thing and break down and I'm screwed.

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StephenPleasanton, TX

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Reviewed May 22, 2023

I talked to a person, and he was very cut and dry about what Endurance Auto Warranty covered and what it didn't and what they were able to offer for what price. The only thing that I didn't understand was I called for information to try and make an informed decision. I said, "Okay. I understand all that. I wanna take the night, maybe a day and just weigh the options out." Because we were talking about 130 something dollars a month. It's not a lot of money, but it's still some money. "Do I put that towards the monthly car payment? Do I just put that money back and save it?" The rep said, "This offer is only good for this phone call." I asked what that meant. He said, "This coverage won't be offered if you don't elect it now. Because we're not there to inspect the car." And I said, "You wouldn't be there to inspect the car anyway."

If I don't do it, would they make me go to a service center and have the car checked out? Because I did not understand what he was talking about. And he said, "It's just the way it works." It felt like a high-pressure tactic. But I'm savvy, and it is what it is. So, while I was on the phone with him, I googled the reviews and it seemed legit. And it wasn't to a penalty or anything. I can cancel it anytime I want and I'm out of it. So I wasn't putting anything up, risk-wise.

Endurance said that all my car was approved for was the middle-tier warranty. But if I had the option to upgrade it for a nominal amount, I would have because it covered more. If that middle-of-the-road warranty cost $130 a month, the difference between that and what the highest one wasn't that much. So, I would have paid another $30 or $40 a month to have access to that better warranty. It was just presented as a take it or leave it, without saying "Take it or leave it."

The payment plan is nice and convenient. I did the down payment, and I had to wait a month and 1,000 miles before the warranty became active. But they just debit it out of your account. I tried to be savvy. I wanted to pay it biweekly. The rep said, "The only way that you can do that is if you call and make the extra payment manually. But your plan won't take effect until the payment is full, which would have been 45 days." It would move it from the 11th to the 28th. I said, "Just do it."

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RobertWilmington, NC

Reviewed Dec. 27, 2023

They have multi warranty policy. They have Veteran's discount. And first timer's discount. Make sure to take advantage. The representative Jamie was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns. Lots of different options available so make sure you choose what is right for you.

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Hi, Robert. Thanks for your review. We're glad to hear you had a great experience with our team! Please contact us if you have any further questions.

- The Endurance Team

LynDonaOklahoma City, OK

Reviewed Dec. 26, 2023

I had an Agent that provided me with the Best coverage plus provided great customer service. The Agent was very attentive in checking back in, while I was on hold. I will recommend Endurance to my family and friends.

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Hi, LynDona. Thank you for recommending us in your review! We’re glad your experience with us was a great one.

- The Endurance Team

AdrianeFayetteville, AR

Reviewed Dec. 22, 2023

We have been with Endurance Warranty for the past 5 years. Our transmission went out, and we indeed got it replaced with a "re-manufactured" transmission. We were without a car for a month, using my kid's high school clunker. The mechanic at GMC suggested we don't put a remanufactured transmission in, but we were at the mercy of this warranty company. So, after a month of going back and forth, a "remanufactured" transmission was put into our GMC Yukon. The, GMC made us pay a $400 mailing fee that Endurance Warranty refused to pay. Our car works, but the transmission still is clunky and jerks and it has never been the same. From now on I will have a savings account that I put around $300 a month into for my car repairs. Warranties are generally a HUGE PAIN.

Every single time my car needed a repair the claims department purposely makes it really hard for the mechanic to connect to see if the part is covered. They either don't answer or it goes to an answering service, so a repair that would normally take 3 hours takes 2 days because the Endurance Warranty Claims department makes it SO hard to connect. Don't do it. Don't pay for a warranty, just go with a savings account and put away each month for repairs. You'll be WAY better off.

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Response from Endurance Warranty

Adriane, we regret to hear that your experience didn't meet your expectations. Ensuring our customers receive assistance is our utmost priority. Your feedback is valuable, and we're eager to address the concerns you have.

Kindly contact us at feedback@endurancedirect.com, and we'll assist you further.

Thank you,

The Endurance Team

ErikAubrey, TX

Reviewed Dec. 22, 2023

Early August 2023 I get an account with Endurance Auto Warranty. I do my research on who is the best because my car (2014 Nissan Versa note) hit 100,000 miles and I think it is wise to have a warranty on my car. I see the value in it. Note, I bought the car brand new in 2013 and have been the only owner, no accidents and always dealer maintained because I am OCD like that. 2.5 months and 1400 miles after I get the warranty I start having transmission issues in my vehicle. This is well after the waiting period of 30 days or 1,000 miles. I take my car to the dealer to have it evaluated the RPMs were bouncing all over the place in my CVT transmission. The dealer confirms there’s an issue with the transmission and it needs to be replaced.

They contact endurance and endurance sends out an adjuster. The adjuster confirms there is an issue and suggests they perform a breakdown of the CVT transmission to confirm the issue. The dealer warns me that it will cost $665.00 to tear down the transmission and that the warranty company may not cover it. So I call the warranty company before I authorize the tear down and ask them if there is a possibility of them not covering it. The rep over the phone reassures me it will be covered they just want to ktear it down to ensure that it’s actually the transmission so it doesn’t happen again after replacing the transmission. and I’m smart enough to realize that tearing down the CVT transmission will total the car. It’s a $6,500 replacement, Which will essentially total the car if you crack open that CVT because the car is barely worth $6000 on a good day.

You can’t put that together again. So I felt confident that endurance would cover it so I authorize the tear down. Then once the tear down happens they call out the adjuster again. The adjuster then denies the claim. All said and done the car was in the shop for over 20 days which was so frustrating because communication between endurance and the dealership was very weak. They denied my claim. They said that because there were shavings in the transmission hold that it was a “pre-existing condition” which occurred in the waiting period according to them. Anyways, I tried fighting it and they just kept apologizing that there wasn’t more they could do. I needed my car it is my daily driver so I had to secure a loan and I talked the dealership down to $5,350 instead of $6,500. Just wanted to share my experience - buyer beware using Endurance Auto Warranty.

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Erik, we regret to hear that your experience didn't meet your expectations. Ensuring our customers receive assistance is our utmost priority. Your feedback is valuable, and we're eager to address the concerns you have.

Kindly contact us at feedback@endurancedirect.com, and we'll assist you further.

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The Endurance Team

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Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageRefunds & Payouts

Reviewed Dec. 22, 2023

ENDURANCE IS A SCAM. I secured my truck under 100K miles with the Platinum Plan. I paid a large deposit and monthly payments for almost 2 years and they had no problem handling that. They LIED and said $100 Deductible at the mechanic of your choice. My A/C Motor went out on one side. I called and they said go to any ASC certified. I go to the dealer and they tell me it will be $1200 out of pocket because that's all Endurance will cover. I call Endurance and they can't do anything. I go to 3 more shops in my area, missed work and paid for a rental car to keep leaving it and long story short they all said the same thing. Some were lower than $1200 but the point is NONE were less than $500 out of pocket and I'm asking why Endurance doesn't cover what IT SAID $100 & ANY ASC Mechanic.

Now it's weeks later and hundreds out of pocket and still no mechanic. Endurance then sends me a list of mechanics that they claim would be the $100 deductible and all of them were over 30 miles and not convenient to my location or my work schedule. I have a big GMC at it was burning hot. I ended up paying $922 OUT OF POCKET because at this point I am telling the Endurance supervisor the plan CLEARLY DOES NOT WORK AS SOLD TO ME. SO PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY.

I wasn't going to PLAY THIS PAY GAME EACH TIME my truck needed a repair. That was the point of this insurance. Since June of 2023 they have been PRETENDING TO PROCESS MY REQUEST. They even went as far as saying they have to prorate my refund. I have no idea how if I RECEIVED NO SERVICE & COULD NOT GET WHAT I PAID FOR but for jokes they never even sent that. I have sent certified mail, faxes, emails and have called so many times. I finally hired an ATTY Dec 2023 because it disgusts me that ANY COMPANY can lie and pretend to offer a service and just KEEP YOUR MONEY when proven to be a fraud. RUN.

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Catherine, we regret to hear that your experience didn't meet your expectations. Ensuring our customers receive assistance is our utmost priority. Your feedback is valuable, and we're eager to address the concerns you have.

Kindly contact us at feedback@endurancedirect.com, and we'll assist you further.

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The Endurance Team

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Endurance Warranty Review Analysis

Endurance Warranty Overview: Endurance Warranty is a company that provides vehicle service contracts, commonly known as extended auto warranties. These contracts are designed to cover the cost of specified vehicle repairs after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Customers purchase these warranties to protect themselves from unexpected and potentially costly vehicle repairs.

Customer Experiences: The reviews provided by various customers offer insights into their experiences with Endurance Warranty. These experiences cover a range of aspects, including customer service, claims handling, coverage, technical support, pricing, and refunds. It's important to note that these reviews reflect individual experiences and may not represent the overall performance of the company.

Customer Experiences and Analysis

William's Positive Experience: William from Statesboro, GA, had a positive experience with Endurance Warranty. He mentioned that the company provided hassle-free claims handling for his radio issue, and he recommended the service to his family members.

Jeffrey's Negative Experience: Jeffrey from Columbia, SC, had a negative experience with Endurance Warranty. He faced challenges with incorrect information input, claim denials, and difficulties in resolving issues related to his vehicle's repairs.

Keyyshav's Positive Experience: Keyyshav from Cleveland, OH, had a positive experience with Endurance Warranty. He highlighted the comprehensive coverage provided by the warranty, including maintenance services and successful claims for repairs.

Michael's Experience with Pricing: Michael from Milwaukee, WI, emphasized the importance of understanding the coverage and pricing offered by Endurance Warranty. He expressed his satisfaction with the lower price offered after discussing the options with the company.

Sheryl's Experience with Customer Service: Sheryl from Farmington, NH, shared her experience with Endurance Warranty's customer service and coverage. She mentioned the importance of being able to choose her preferred dealership for repairs and highlighted the value of having a warranty for potential repairs.

Stephen's Experience with Sales and Marketing: Stephen from Pleasanton, TX, discussed his interaction with Endurance Warranty's sales representative and the pricing options. He mentioned feeling pressured to make a decision during the initial phone call and expressed his interest in having more flexibility in choosing the warranty coverage.

Robert's Positive Feedback: Robert from Wilmington, NC, expressed satisfaction with the multiple warranty options offered by Endurance Warranty and the assistance provided by the representative.

LynDona's Positive Recommendation: LynDona from Oklahoma City, OK, recommended Endurance Warranty based on the coverage and customer service provided by the company.

Adriane's Negative Experience: Adriane from Fayetteville, AR, shared a negative experience with Endurance Warranty, expressing frustration with the claims process and the perceived difficulties in getting repairs covered.

Erik's Experience with Claim Denial: Erik from Aubrey, TX, described his frustration with Endurance Warranty's handling of a claim for transmission issues, including the denial of the claim and the subsequent repair costs.

Catherine's Negative Experience: Catherine from Chicago, IL, expressed dissatisfaction with Endurance Warranty, highlighting discrepancies between the promised coverage and the actual costs incurred for repairs. She also mentioned challenges in obtaining a refund.

Expertise and Trustworthiness

The reviews provided by customers offer valuable insights into their experiences with Endurance Warranty. It's important to consider these experiences when evaluating the company's performance and the value it provides to its customers. The diverse range of experiences, both positive and negative, highlights the importance of transparency, clear communication, and effective claims handling in the vehicle service contract industry.

The analysis of these reviews provides a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of Endurance Warranty, including customer service, claims handling, coverage, technical support, pricing, and refunds. These insights can be valuable for individuals considering purchasing a vehicle service contract and seeking to understand the experiences of other customers with the company.

Overall, the reviews demonstrate the significance of clear communication, accurate information input, efficient claims processing, and transparent coverage in building trust and satisfaction among customers. It's essential for companies in the vehicle service contract industry to prioritize these aspects to ensure positive customer experiences and long-term satisfaction.

For further information, individuals can reach out to Endurance Warranty directly to address specific concerns or inquiries related to their services.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the original sources for the reviews and additional insights.

Endurance Auto Warranty Reviews (2024)


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